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"Ms. Thomas was in control of every nuance in these vividly colorful pieces"

— The New York Times


"Music's eternal quality is its capacity for change, transformation and renewal. No one composer, style, school of thought and practice or historical period can claim a monopoly of music's truths."

— Augusta Read Thomas


"Augusta Read Thomas's impressive body of works embodies unbridled passion and fierce poetry. Championed by such luminaries as Barenboim, Rostropovich, Boulez, and Knussen, she rose early to the top of her profession. Later, as an influential teacher at Eastman, Northwestern and Tanglewood, chairperson of the American Music Center, and the Chicago Symphony's longest-serving resident composer, she has become one of the most recognizable and widely loved figures in American music."

— American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters
Citation upon Augusta Read Thomas's 2009 Induction


"Heart and soul in the breathtaking music of a thoughtful contemporary composer. Thomas's brainy brand of modernism reveals a lively, probing mind allied to a beating heart.

" — Gramphone Magazine, Donald Rosenberg


"Augusta Read Thomas writes precisely calibrated music of refined beauty. Her works are in the repertory of several A-list players and ensembles."

— Boston Globe, David Weininger

Photo © by Anthony Barlich


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