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Sun Dance (2020)

For orchestra

pic. or 4 perc. strings
[NOTE: Instrumentation is very close to that of Beethoven Symphony No. 6]
Co-Commissioned by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra with second Orchestra TBD and third Orchestra TBD.
World Premiere by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra on October 2, 2020
Hilbert Circle Theatre, Krzysztof Urbański, Conductor
In Memoriam Oliver Knussen
Duration: 6’ or 5'

While SUN DANCE was originally designed to precede a performance of Beethoven's “Pastoral” Sixth Symphony, the composition could proceed or follow any music by any composer.

Informal reference recording


With Oliver Knussen at Serenak at Tanglewood on the night he conducted Orbital Beacons for orchestra

With Oliver Knussen at The Cleveland Orchestra on the night he conducted Helios Choros for orchestra

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