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Title/Year Instrumentation Duration Notes
Sweet Potato Kicks the Sun (2017-2019)
An Opera For All Ages
(For Small Ensemble and Special Guest Artist)
Librettist, Leslie Dunton-Downer
Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, 1 Percussion ca. 83' INSTRUMENTATION - OPTION #2
Flute, Harp, 4 Percussion

Chamber Orchestra

"This is art without prototype that expands the definition of opera. I’ve worked hard to give everyone on stage Agency (with a capital A!), yet at the same time, the piece and its players are profoundly woven and integrated. The carefully nuanced and sculpted score, which took me over three years to compose, invites the creation of a gorgeous sonic kaleidoscope and animates artists to work together to further music’s flexible, diverse capacity and innate power." — Augusta Read Thomas