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Sunburst (2022) a fanfare for orchestra

For orchestra

pic.,2 fl.2+EH.2+bcl.1+Cbsn./ [4perc-tiny set up: 5 percussion instruments total] / pno(optional)/ strings
First performance by the Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, Dr. William Wiedrich, conducting in Tampa, Florida, on 14 May 2022
Duration: 7 minutes


Informal reference recording


Live concert audio recording from World Premiere is available for archival purposes only and for private listening. If you would like to review the recording please Contact Augusta Read Thomas.

Program Note THOUGHTS

~a flash of sunlight especially through a break in clouds.
~a design in the form of rays diverging from a central point.
~a sun surrounded by rays

World Premiere of SUNBURST for orchestra. Commissioned by the Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, Dr. William Wiedrich, Music Director & Conductor. Dedicated to Dr. William Wiedrich for his lifelong commitment to inspiring young musicians to lead the future of classical music. A gift from the Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra board, staff, and its current and alumni student members during TMYO’s Tenth Anniversary Season.

Premiered in Tampa Florida on May 14, 2022.

On the process of composition, Thomas has said that “it's like living inside of a poem... I think of myself, and have been described as, a poet-composer. I sculpt my music akin to how poets create, refine, and polish their poems." Such a statement might be seen as the key to entering the sound-world of a work such as SUNBURST (indeed, it is a key to all of her music).

Thomas said, “Music is akin to an infinite alphabet.” The harmonic, rhythmic, melodic, timbral and other musical braids in SUNBURST embody Thomas’ notion of “infinite alphabet.”

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Augusta Read Thomas work, please contact Nimbus Music Publishing.