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Augusta on her MAPS-OF-FORM drawings

Quoting Augusta Read Thomas from the Reva and David Logan Center’s exhibition of her MAPS-OF-FORM.

“Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s statement “Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music” has, for the past 45 years, stirred my imagination and sparked creative journeys into sonic, visual, physical, formal, and spatial explorations.”

“Composers and improvisers throughout history have created sketches, doodles, maps-of-form, charts, and limitless other kinds of visual and notational representations of their sounds.”

“Form conserves energy.  But what exactly is the relationship between a specific composition’s musical materials and its duration and its form? Are the proportions of various sections in balance with one another based on the terms presented by and inherent to the very musical materials of those sections - and for the whole? How so? How do we know? How, for a musical composition, could these relationships be illustrated with drawings and diagrams? MAPS-OF-FORM have potential to offer a glimpse into various working processes, craft, materials, form, and imagination.”